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I want to start this article with hope. “ Merhaba” is a greeting in Turkish. The origin of this word comes from Persian. When I was reading the project, I always remembered the word “merhaba”. Be”merhaba“ means that you won’t hurt me. So, I’ll help you. Whirl project I enjoyed very much. cause if the Whirl platform says “merhaba” to whom, that person will benefit from it. Whirl platform is a saviour for project owners who have very good ideas and knowledge, but who have no money or support to help them.

We are having a very distressing day in cryptocurrecy these days. In fact, not these days, the crypto-money projects have been in bad times for almost a year. He hasn’t had such negativity since he was known. Many projects are on the shelves. The project that we will examine today comes from the Netherlands. I’ve never seen any projects developed for this purpose before. A lot of thought really humane. Rather than making money, crypto serves money and blockchain technology. It even gives priority to social assistance projects or nonprofit projects.

Superior Features of WHIRL Platform:

I’il try to explain it to you as soon as possible. Whirl platform will provide you with an environment where you can get funds for everything, regardless of what your purpose is, unless there is a legal problem. It could be a charity project you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, a public opinion creation project on our planet that wants to draw attention to the catastrophes that are due to the increase in greenhouse gases. You may even be able to fund a world trip that you want too much. Whatever the campaign you want to do, if it’s legal and you have met the platform’s terms, your campaign will start when it’s your turn.

But of course, in order for Whirl to support you, you must first support someone else’s campaign. You should help people who can’t find support for what they want to do like you, who can’t realize their dreams, who can’t find money for their project, who can’t campaign. Whirl, is a platform for real cooperation. Helping other people in Whirl is actually helping yourself. You can borrow from family or banks to realize your dream project. But Whirl doesn’t lend. The use of funds you collect is at your own discretion. All you have to do is help others first. When it’s your turn, the Whirl community will help you.


Let’s first answer the question of karma. Karma is your score that increases proportionally with your support to others. Your contribution to the projects before you. For example, a contribution of $ 1 adds 7 times karma. So if you support the project 10 dollars, you have 70 karma points. If you introduce other people to the Whirl platform and let them join the community, you get a bonus. The more contributions you make to the platform, the higher your karma level. The most complex is the next project to be supported. So it comes to the active zone. The size of your karma level also allows you to increase your fund-raising goal. For example, if you have 1000 Karma Points, you can start a campaign with a $ 1000 fund goal. In this case, it is in your best interest to get as many karma points as you can. Your karma gets bonus points from you. So you always move up by helping each other.

Whirl is a giant community that helps each other. Once the people who are campaigning their karma is reset. But they can start again. Whirl platform will, of course, be able to support low-budget campaigns when it first begins to take to the camp. Here, we decided to set the border at 30,000 USD. So even if your karma level is above that, the platform will fund that much. When the platform grows and reaches sufficient number of active members, the campaign’s upper limit will be updated to $ 3 million.


One of the important features of the Whirl platform is its sensitivity to the problems of society. Social responsibility projects always have priority. Whirl platform is very helpful for nonprofit organizations. No campaign fee is charged from such institutions. Their karma grows faster. However, much more important than these features is the smart algorithms used by blockchain technology, transparent records and irreplaceable data. People who support projects will know exactly where their help goes. There will be no central institutions or states acting as intermediary.

In addition, a support campaign can be launched in emergency aid campaigns related to a humanitarian crisis (earthquake, flood disaster, Avalanche, etc.) regardless of the mixed level.


Whirl platform is WRL. If you use WHL to support campaigns, your karma score will increase. For example, if you pay a 1-dollar support with WRL, you earn 10 karma points. Karma, as you know, determines your next position, so it’s not token. WRL is a crypto money. You can buy or sell.

Token: WRL

Price: 1 WRL = 0.0001 USD

Bonus: Available


MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum



Soft cap: 5000000 USD

Hard cap: 30000000 USD

Country: Malta

Whitelist/KYC: None

Restricted areas: USA

WRL token sales 3. the round continues. Do not miss the 10 % bonus opportunity.



You have a very solid project. Of money however it’s not enough. You don’t want to borrow money from your family and friends. Your family has no income to help you. Don’t worry. I’m lining up what you have to do.
1. You will create your campaign. So what is your project? How much resources do you need? What are the details of the project? Prepare the answers to these questions with your digital data and deliver them to Whirl platform.
2. At this stage, earn karma points by supporting active campaigns that have already been approved for the project. You can also bring your environment to the platform to reach enough karma.
3. When you arrive in the active zone, funding will begin for you. You can make your campaign by placing a mixed-Value Fund goal that you reach.
Here’s that’s all. But here is a very important issue I want to remind you. Your project will not benefit any political group. The project owner will not be involved in laundering or terrorism. The Netherlands’s laws and EU. It’s the law and the court.
I don’t have to advise investing in this project that many projects need these days, and I don’t have the authority to do that. But I say you review your needs. You will find links below to learn more. I wish you all plenty of earnings.

Written By:N.İpek Çelik

User Name:ipek

This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x.

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