What does a trader want?

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Hello Orion,
The big news is that Orion protocol, which collaborates with DAOMaker, has launched its social mining platform. I also want to be an active member of the Orion Hub, which was opened for this purpose.
I’ve been following the work of the Orion protocol for quite some time. Orion first caught my attention within the Elrond community.
• In November 2019, Orion’s CSO Yanush Ali announced its strategic partnership with Elrond, and wrote: Blockchain technology is developing rapidly. That’s why everyone is trying to present an innovation in their project. Sometimes we find it challenging to find the right quality when looking for innovations. We will combine Orion’s trading capabilities with Elrond’s high scalability and fast precision time. In this way, traders can access the combined liquidity of Central crypto exchanges and decentralized exchanges to manage different crypto assets from a single platform.

  • On July 8, 2020, a second event took place where the names Orion Protocol and Elrond Network were commemorated together. DAOMaker brought a revolutionary innovation to crowdfunding. Dyco offered a buy-back system that severely reduced investment risk, unlike ICOs in the token sales model called DYCO. The offer has attracted the attention of investors, particularly those hurt by ICOs and Ieos. DAOMaker made its first dyco token sale with Orn, the Token of the Orion project. DYCO obliged the project team to pay back its money to its investor if the Token was damaged, while the investor who wanted to receive the Token also wanted the holder to have his habits. To be a ticket holder in the Orn allocation lottery in the DYCO feature, your ERD token amount and the time you held the ERD token in your wallet or stakes were scored. To get more lottery tickets, both the ERD amount and the holding time had to be longer. As a member and investor of the Elrond community, we’ve all had those exciting days.
  • The Orion project managed to attract many people like me with the DYCO Token offer. Because until then, when you took a token from ICO, you were taking the risk altogether. (This risk still exists for investors who receive Tokens from the ICO.) The Orion Protocol has shown how much they trust their project by pledging to return the funds if ORN falls below its ico price. The end of this story has evolved, as you can imagine. Very few of us have ever owned tickets. We couldn’t get it from ORN, which was sold with the DYCO offer. The natural result of this was that the price flew on the day ORN was listed on Bitmax.
  • Calendars show July 30, while Elrond switched to mainnet. On that day, In an article written by Orion’S CMO Timothea Horwell, he shared the following information with the community, repeating that the Orion terminal will run on Elrond’s fast, secure and inexpensive network
    a- Orion will create a Token Bridge ecosystem in the Elrond network, enabling integration between different blockchains.
    b- Orion token Bridge will have BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC, NEO, WAVES.
    Tools such as
    C- Metamask integration and Ethereum bridge will be developed as open-source, enabling new projects.
    d- Orion platform, BTC, LTC, BnB, USDT / USDC, such as many high-volume crypto storage, stake, and trade will be used Elrond wallet.
    • After two years of labor + hours of work + hours of testing, on December 15, the Orion Protocol tweeted the official opening of phase one of the Orion terminal with the following words.

“The future arrives today.”

  • Two days after the Orion Terminal opening, the announcement came that the Orion Hub was officially opened together with DAOMaker.

ORION Terminal

Let’s put it together briefly. What makes the Orion Terminal Superior?
Since I’m making personal history, let me give you a personal example again. If I want to invest in a token, what do I do?
1- I’m investigating the CEXs that listed that Token.
2- if I have not opened an account before in a stock market; my work has taken too long. An account will be opened; a KYC will be held for CEX to recognize me, the confirmation will be expected
3- I will exchange it to the Stock Exchange or deposit whichever coin is accepted in the trade.
4- I will accept the price that the stock market gave me and take the Token.
5-I will withdraw the tokens I received into my wallet, where I have a private key.

I’ll never get into DEX and Swap pool. Very high transaction fees and low volume in DEX. There’s a real ETH robbery in the Swap pool.

How’s the Orion Terminal?

Infinite liquidity= You can access the liquidity of all the major CEX and Dex in the crypto market without having to open an account on these exchanges.
Private Key security= your tokens are only safe with the private key you know.
Wallet ownership= You don’t need to move your tokens to exchanges. Enough for MetaMask-like bridges.
Elrond Network speed= On the Elrond network, where I worked on the tests (as a validator in Battle of nodes, Elrond Blockchain can reach three shards +100,000 TPS transaction speed from explorer and a transaction completion time of fewer than 5 seconds), you have a chance to make financial transactions at the speed of the internet. And for 100 times cheap than ETH
What else could a trader want?

Useful Links:

Orion Protokol: https://www.orionprotocol.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/orion_protocol

Orion Telegram: https://t.me/orionprotocol

Orion HUB Telegram: https://t.me/orion_hub

Orion HUB: https://community.orionprotocol.io/



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