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What Is Refine Medium

  1. Refine Medium has produced a project that encourages all users involved in its ecosystem to participate in the platform. In this respect, it has an ecosystem that is continuously renewed, that is, living. The system also rewards not only video producers, viewers, and moderators.
  2. Low subscription fees are just one of the essential advantages to video sharing sites on the market.
  3. Refine Medium, using blockchain technology, has set up its own media platform and is prepared to compete with global video distributors such as Netflix and YouTube with XRM token to regulate intra-platform operation.
  4. Refine Medium will award positive contributors to the platform among the audience and video uploaders, enabling them to become moderators. Moderators will take part in the selection of videos to be uploaded to the platform. However, moderators have direct responsibility for the audience. The demands of the audience replace moderators who fail to do their job.
  5. The most important difference from the existing video sharing sites of the platform comes naturally from the operating system it uses. Blockchain network allows refining media to take advantage of distributed notebook technology for storing data. This can not be changed the data on the one hand, so the prohibition or censorship to be resistant to pressure, while on the other hand, such as the selection of video content very carefully burdens the responsibility. The fact that voting systems are activated in determining video content will help to capture objectionable content that may be overlooked.

Why Refine Medium?

  1. Easy, fast, and secure video upload.
  2. Set up smart contracts and control mechanisms for copyright. There is no way to download a video off the record. There is no such thing as paying for downloaded videos. Users will be notified via email to pay XRM.
  3. The quality content of the video creators will be encouraged, ensuring that they get enough.
  4. Decentralized content inspection: moderators and regular viewers have essential functions on the platform. There is a lot of work for moderators in reviewing uploaded videos in many ways, such as copy, legal limitation compliance.
    Moderator choices are vital for the platform. Therefore, the alpha test;
    a. 20 top 20 participants in Bounty
    b. Five people from private sales participants.
    c. 20 people on white list records.
    d. 10 ethers and five people who make purchases during ICO
    e. All ICO participants will be able to decide on the video content of the alpha version of the commission created by selecting ten people.
    Also, regular communication between platform members and moderators will result in continuous self-control both in the selection of videos and in the operation of moderators.






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