Orion Terminal is Decentralized CEX. Please read it, Let’s Talk..

Hello Blockchain enthusiasts and especially traders. Last week we took a look at the history of Orion Protocol’s partnership with Elrond in particular. Today I want to focus mainly on the Orion Terminal. In many places, you have come across news about the Orion Terminal’s opening, built by the Orion Protocol, on December 15. Let’s examine the features of the Terminal, which excites traders and the Orion Community so much.

Features Of Orion Terminal:

I know many of you will think that you have misspelled it; there is no such term. But I think the term that describes the Orion Terminal most beautifully is “Decentralized CEX.” I also know that the word CEX means Centralized Exchange. But Orion terminal has added All the positive features of CEX to its decentralized platform. Perhaps it adds a term like D-CEX, other than DEX and CEX, to Orion Terminal blockchain technology’s terminology. I’ll try to explain why I call the Orion terminal decentralized CEX.
1- Orion terminal is a decentralized trading platform. But of course, it has a lot of advantages from a DeX. Orion terminal offers its users all the benefits of a decentralized exchange tool.
a.) Private Key is under your control: having control of your assets, which decentralized exchanges offer you, is our most crucial dream since the first P2P. You are in control of the private Key when trading in the Terminal.
b.) Transactions can be maintained from the wallet: you can buy and sell through payment bridges without removing your assets from your wallet.
c. ) The Terminal is almost a digital “Broker” that fulfills your demands.

2- Allows you to use the advantages that decentralized exchanges, Cexs, i.e., offer you. Orion’s Terminal software allows you to access all significant central exchanges without having to open an account through a single order book. So you get the best price advantage on your order.
3- The ability to access networks such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC, NEO, WAVES in Orionterminalin’s Token Bridge means that you have a vast range of tokens for trade.
4- Liquidity is one of the greatest freedoms that the Orion terminal offers us. Although the first phase has already been implemented, Orion Terminal promises us unlimited liquidity, security, and trade at the best price from KuCoin, Bitmax, MCX, Acheron, Chainlink Injective, with which it has already established collaborations and partnerships.

Thank you for reading.
N.ipek Celik

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I am a content writer. I believe that Blockchain technology will play an important role in the future of humanity to live more fair, equal, and free.

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NIpek Celik

NIpek Celik

I am a content writer. I believe that Blockchain technology will play an important role in the future of humanity to live more fair, equal, and free.

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