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Why is the Orion protocol necessary?

The Orion protocol has developed a platform where you can easily trade both DEX and CEX exchanges. It is essential to access different platforms from a single terminal. This especially important in the blockchain world. Considering that this area has thousands of other projects and hundreds of different platforms, the importance of the work Orion Protocol is trying to do becomes even better.
Orion Protocol’s CEO, Alexsey Kokoskov, and his team work on speed, liquidity, interoperability, and complexity, which are the most critical problems of the blockchain world. Orion Terminal emerged as the work of these studies. Considering that Alexsey Kokoskov is the developer of the Waves platform, we can get an idea of ​​the importance of the work.

How does Orion Terminal work?

Orion Protocol combines the liquidity of all central or decentralized exchanges and terminals on a decentralized platform; It provides gateways that facilitate trading on these exchanges. Decentralized Brokerage and Exchange Smart Contract; CEX and DEX are liquidity providers that unlock liquidity in the stock markets.
According to the Representative Broker Proof (DPoB) mechanism, the terminal designed, taking advantage of PoS. The platform consists of two main components: Brokers and Non-Broker Stakers. Representative broker proof governs many transactions, from the exchange with the ORN token in its core to selecting an intermediary broker.
Every transaction in the protocol takes place through a decentralized exchange broker. Brokers with stock exchange accounts use Orion Broker software that collects transactions directed by Orion Terminal’s liquidity aggregator. Brokers who perform brokerage transactions have the chance to participate in commerce at the rate of ORN tokens they hold. Brokers earn rewards for their transactions after these trading transactions. The platform solves some significant issues using the following add-ons and kits.

Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin:

It is a simple but useful plugin. Since it provides access to the liquidity in other exchanges to your stock exchange, it eliminates the liquidity problem.
ORION Blockchain DEX Kit: Trying to establish their DEX to make their ecosystem sustainable can be expensive and time consuming for platforms. The easiest way to create your decentralized crypto exchange on different blockchains is to install the ORION DEX kit in a short time.
Orion Enterprise Trade Widget: Designed for corporate customers, used to pay the project’s service fee with your token. It reduces friction between you and other companies.

Briefly, Orion Protocol is designed by analyzing the problems of today’s cryptocurrency world very well. The products developed are solutions to problems. The most critical aspect of the platform are that it has a versatile and hybrid structure. Another important part is that you do not have to trade on other exchanges once you do KYC on the platform. The platform is the most extensive liquidity aggregator ever built. By accessing the digital finance market from one place; A protocol is being created to bridge the worlds of traditional finance, real-world assets, and digital assets.

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