“Hello!” Elrond Family.
During much of 2018, even in early 2019, the Cryptocurrency market experienced severe recession. Is Bitcoin the fraud of the century? Their questions began to appear frequently. During this recession, I, like many of my friends, published review articles without believing in projects. Social media also tweets promoting projects. But I’ve never been interested in how many people my tweets affect. I didn’t ask how many people read my articles. It was the bounty manager’s idea that interested me. I didn’t know the founders of the project. As a result, I had no interest in the future of the projects. But I have never lost faith in blockchain technology. We have seen signs that technology will take place in many areas of our daily lives in the most desperate period. Major computer hardware and software companies had stepped up their research. Giant internet companies had already started working to build their blockchain networks. In the US, significant pension funds have begun adding bitcoin to their portfolios.

In this environment, we met the Elrond Network project. The bounty program was running by managers from the core Elrond team. The project was great. They had written their promised network of high speed, security, and low cost from the ground up, and most importantly, they shared it with the world in open source. However, it was the founding team’s approach to us that made us not bounty hunters, but members of the Elrond family. Let me share with you the fact that they won me personally.
I fell to the bottom of the bounty list because of a flash campaign that I got wrong in the Third Wave, and that made me very upset. I’ve decided not to pursue the project. I worked hard on the project. A few days after the start of the fourth wave, I learned that my articles were rated at the beginning of the fourth wave as a consolation for the misunderstanding in the third wave from Elrond Turkish channel admin. That behavior completely changed my view of the project Elrond. I’m just another member of the community. I’m not an Admin; I’m not a prominent investor; I don’t have extraordinary skills. But the community managers of the Elrond team heeded my resentment and made the gesture to win me over.

And How did that affect me?

I think our dear Michael Steven, who is watching us closely, can answer that. For me, twitter was, at first, the job of announcing current events in Elrond to my followers. Now I’m trying to find pictures that will attract attention. I’m looking for more striking phrases. I follow all members of the team who are active on Twitter. I’m trying to increase my follower count so that my tweets reach more people. And I started following infographic and photoshop lessons from YouTube to create original tweets. So I’m taking design classes. I’m going to do all the graphics I’m going to use in this article myself. The success of the Elrond network is now my success, my family’s fortune. Until a week ago, my biggest dream was to run a node on the Elrond network. However, I have learned that my internet speed is insufficient in the region where I live. But I don’t feel sad about that either, and there’s a contribution I can make. Staking; Elrond’s making the necessary preparations for this, and I’m making my point. I keep the ERDs I have earned so far as my most valuable treasure, and I will take the ERD with what I have gained from other projects.

Let’s look at the near future. Elrond Network was able to attract the attention of our immediate environment, especially after Samsung Wallet’s success. Now everyone is waiting to see the mainnet of talent. Node wars are vital; we know that. Then we need to find more nodes to run. The first thing I can think of here is to increase our twitter activity. How can that be? For example, we can do awareness-raising work for the new node race. We can organize a flash campaign, like the most original tweet contest, or the most interactive tweet contest, to announce this new $ 30k stage to all community members to their followers. Using a unique hashtag for announcement tweets in this way to provide closer follow-up or write them directly on the dashboard as a team request will create a more effective campaign. We have to get investors who will keep the ERD long-term. Privileges can also be provided here for members of the community.
Because they are the ones who will own it the most because they are the ones who know the project best and will hold it the most; perhaps increasing the amount of reward conditionally might be a solution. (The award can be locked in mainnet’s first year.) In this case, the number of tokens staking will increase automatically. Members of the community will not object to this situation. Many of my friends set various goals for ERD. Whereas before, when the prize was handed out, everyone would sell it and turn it into crypto they trusted, or spend it in foreign exchange. I have a goal for the ERD. I don’t intend to sell until the ERD reaches ETH value.
It is much more scalable than the Ethereum network because he developed the adaptive state sharding architecture.
And finally, the Elrond founding team of the Ethereum Network does not.
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