Elrond Begins Fifth wave

"Merhaba” to everyone from the first day of 2020
Elrond Network has also begun fifth wave of community work through 2020. 2020 doesn’t just bring the fifth wave; it even brings more tsunamis than waves. Because 2020 will go down in history as the year, Elrond introduced his mainnet to the world of blockchain. Our technical team, which has performed tremendously until the last day of 2019, has launched the first phase for Mainnet. Staking wave1 started yesterday. It was completed in just 25 minutes. This impressive speed has created a much higher wave of excitement in the whole community.
Before we talk about our fledgling stake waves, I’d like to remind you of the superlatives of the Elrond network.
One of the essential features of the Elrond Network project is that the network is written from scratch. Next-generation blockchain has Network typology. The blockchain trilemma (the triple stalemate of blockchain networks), which Blockchain technicians are intimately concerned with, has been the fundamental issue that blockchain network architecture creators have been struggling to solve for some time.

Let’s see how Elrond Network solved this trilemma.
1.Decentralization: the essential advantage of Blockchain technology over internet networks is that they can be decentralized. That is, there is no need for an agent when transferring value between two people. Since the creation of the Bitcoin network, centralized exchanges have been almost indispensable, developed especially against the liquidity problems that occur in the exchange of assets. But the Central stock market concept contradicts the main logic of the blockchain mechanism. The need for a permitting mechanism and intermediary institution arises. Therefore, the establishment of decentralized networks in asset transfer is the most basic need. Elrond Network also established a network architecture capable of decentralized value transfer.
2.Scalability: in the more than a decade since the Bitcoin network, scalability has steadily increased. However, the Adaptive State Sharding architecture developed by the Elrond network has a scalability of 10,000 TPS per second. In short, it has also made a considerable difference to its closest followers.
3.Security: Elrond network is also notable for its security PoS mechanism, which it uses outside of its speed. It is also the answer to the SPOs security problem, which requires much less energy than Pow consensus mechanisms and can perform verification according to the randomness rule.
Elrond Network will also enable the integration of data from other networks into Elrond via a virtual machine adapter.
In short, Elrond Network has designed an ecosystem with all of the network features required for desired DeFi throughout the history of blockchain. It is a blockchain network that is much freer than the internet, global and managed with unbroken smart contracts, with its scalability and low cost.
Let me add the feature that I should mention as the first sentence. Elrond has been open-source for months, keeping the eyes of those working on blockchain in front of him. So Elrond is not a utopia. During 2019, the Elrond network is being tested in both the battle of nodes and bubbles game program. Our network, which has passed the pre-mainnet security audits, has started staking operations, which will progress in waves within the framework of the pre-mainnet Phase 1 program on the last day of the year.

If you want to take advantage of the staking opportunity offered by MetaMask for your ERC20 standard ERDs, you can follow this link to our CEO, Beniamin Mincu’s article, as you can follow from Article. It would be best if you also watched our official telegram channels for staking the second wave on January 3rd. I want to continue with the warning you will receive almost anywhere. Elrond network admins never offer you PM first and are not interested in your private keys. To avoid unwanted situations such as using wrong addresses, you can request help by contacting our admin via our official channels. And read the article I gave above.
Don’t forget to take a look at our revamped site face-off with 2020. Our calculator will give you an idea of Staking and our timer that will show you the next staking wave is ready to serve you. Remember to check out our core team when visiting our site. They are a highly talented and hardworking team, each fully equipped in the blockchain field, with experience in producing blockchain technology. You might think that all projects have valuable, smart people. As a writer, who has written hundreds of articles on projects, I would say that the Elrond team is a team that, apart from professionalism, adds their hearts to the work it does.


You must have heard of the Elrond Network project before. But it’s time for you to take a closer look. I’m not from the core team of the project, which is going to start working on its network very soon. You might think about how I write so clearly and assertively. Because I’m from the Elrond Family. For months, my friends and I have been watching the work of our technical team almost day and night. The Elrond project will continue to be the most talked-about in 2020. And shortly, we will be proud to say that I witnessed the creation of Project Elrond. We are waiting for you. Let’s witness this page of blockchain history together. We are a community of volunteers who believe in the Elrond project from every corner of the world.

Our community’s official telegram page: https://t.me/ElrondNetwork

Our site: https://elrond.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork

Author: ipek

Elrond Team:



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