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When deciding to use a digital wallet, let’s think about what features we’re looking at.

The last few sentences:

When I first meet a new project, I look at the product that it produces, and then I look at how much it can or can make the changes it claims to make, and finally the people who make the team. When I started to study the Cobo Wallet project, I saw the hardware wallet, and I presented you the video up there, and I was very impressed. Then I looked at what they promised in the wallet software, and the mobile wallet was ready, I downloaded it, and I tested it. It was indeed a thoughtful, user-friendly and secure wallet software. Finally, I have read about Discus Fish and CTO Changhao Jiang, the CEO, and founder of the team. So I knew two people who were very important to the blockchain world. I want to introduce them to you.

Discus Fish (Mao Shixing):

Changhao Jiang:



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NIpek Celik

NIpek Celik

I am a content writer. I believe that Blockchain technology will play an important role in the future of humanity to live more fair, equal, and free.