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Hello Everyone! Ever since I met blockchain technology, the world is spinning faster, freer, and much smaller. Doesn’t that seem to you? Globalization, which began with the discovery of the internet, reached its peak with the blockchain revolution. Wherever we live in the world, we can contact every information in seconds. In our opinion, we can learn about an event taking place in the farthest corner of the world in minutes. The discovery of the internet has played a role in the developments that have been going so far. Over time, with the widespread use of the internet, deficiencies or negative sides have started to be seen. Storage of data requires giant-sized servers. Presence of central servers can cause you to be trapped in the censorship mechanism. Personal information or financial assets that you send over the Internet can be transferred to malicious people. He could get into the hands of people.


Blockchain networks used distributed ledger technology to eliminate the need for data to be collected in a single location, providing solutions to large servers, while minimizing the risk of data modification. While the data was distributed to the ‘nodes ‘ on the chain, decentralization gave you freedom.
The major revolution of blockchain technology was the transfer of P2P, which is the technological revolution that enables peer-to-peer data transfer. It ended the control of institutions on people. It doesn’t matter what you transfer, but the magic of the transmission is 3. the person wasn’t needed. This is where cryptocurrency entered our lives. Blockchain’s data transmission process produced a unique code in the network, and this unique code provided a change value for digital money, crypto-money or virtual money, no matter what you say. Moreover, it would be possible to transfer this value to any place beyond the border within minutes without the need of a bank or financial institution. This process was removing control of central authorities over your assets.
Now that most of us have an essential place in our daily lives, I want to leave the past of our crypto-money and move on to the wallet project I will introduce. The crypto-money of blockchain technology, which has been in our lives for more than a decade, has been diversified since the Bitcoin of Satoshi. Today there are many different cryptographic currencies based on Ethereum, Stellar, NEO or EOS. Our crypto Wallets where we store these crypto coins are different. From time to time, the number of transactions needed to convert any digital asset into the traditional money we use has increased so much that we have stopped doing the transaction.


When deciding to use a digital wallet, let’s think about what features we’re looking at.

  1. Ease of use: I will start with the feature that is most important to me. Those interested in crypto money know that many platforms, stock market and wallet software to understand and use the working logic of computers is not enough to know almost you need to be a software developer. In this respect, the Cobo wallet has excellent features. I’m not telling you about the wallet of my dreams. IOS and Android versions are ready to download immediately by pressing this tab. So I downloaded the mobile wallet software and ran it. Indeed, the wallet’s interface is very well designed, user-friendly and functional wallet software is produced. And with the All-In-One Wallet feature, you can access both cloud wallet and HD Wallet software.

2. Ease of access to all coin and tokens: OK I accept the whole world was a bit overrated. But what if I said you could list more than 20 currencies and more than 500 tokens in this wallet? I’m sure none of you are watching 500 tokens at the same time. So it wouldn’t be a big mistake to say that COBO Wallet support all tokens. This allows you to exchange in your wallet at the very beginning; if you have made a digital money exchange, you know that this includes strict procedures on many platforms and stock markets.

3. Security of the wallet: The biggest priority for all of us is the security of our wallet. Because blockchain networks allowed us to transfer money without any financial institution but also gave responsibility. We’re responsible for the safety of our money. Because we are responsible for the protection of passwords. If you send money abroad by bank transfer, it will take at least three days, and you will receive a significant amount of processing costs. Bank guarantees and, controls. It only takes a short time if you send your digital-money across borders. By the way, let’s write it down. No charges are charged for transactions between two Cobo wallet. In different wallets, the fee is too small to compare with the banking fees. Your Cobo wallet has multi-layered firewalls, such as login and payment passwords, outside the phone 2FA authentication, authentication on the web. HSM and multi-signature cards that are as carefully guarded like a bank will protect your digital assets.

4. Wallet reliability: One of the essential features of the Cobo wallet is the hardware wallet. I want to present you with a short video of the wallet that will store this cold wallet down there. Please take a minute and watch, you won’t believe what you see. You’ll find a hardware wallet with superior military benchmarks. Shock and water resistant, with this warehouse, you can keep all your assets without any fear. The Cobo wallet difference starts here. To minimize risk, the software has been developed capable of distinguishing the tokens you trade with the assets you hold. So the risk of hacking in the COBO Wallet has been severely reduced.

5. Revolutionary innovation at DApp store: I gave you a screenshot from my mobile wallet. Let’s see if you can recognize him. Do you remember our cats blowing like a storm in 2018? A lot of games like this, the application is waiting for you. Moreover, not only for users, DApps. Cobo software is also open for DApp developers. If you want to list your DApp with Cobo, contact the project company. So in short, if you’re going to meet CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity and more, you can download version 3.12.0 of the wallet.

The last few sentences:

When I first meet a new project, I look at the product that it produces, and then I look at how much it can or can make the changes it claims to make, and finally the people who make the team. When I started to study the Cobo Wallet project, I saw the hardware wallet, and I presented you the video up there, and I was very impressed. Then I looked at what they promised in the wallet software, and the mobile wallet was ready, I downloaded it, and I tested it. It was indeed a thoughtful, user-friendly and secure wallet software. Finally, I have read about Discus Fish and CTO Changhao Jiang, the CEO, and founder of the team. So I knew two people who were very important to the blockchain world. I want to introduce them to you.

Discus Fish (Mao Shixing):

Discus is interested in corporate strategy, product design, and internal marketing at Cobo wallet. Discus, whose real name is Mao Shixing, is one of the thought leaders of Chinese crypto-money entrepreneurs. He pioneered the world-famous transformation of Chinese mining and wrote the first Chinese mining tutorial. It is the founder of F2Pool, the world’s most significant integrated digital currencies. He is also the Founding Partner and COO of Yibitte, the first bitcoin portal in China.

Changhao Jiang:

Changhao Jiang: as bright as Discus, CTO is responsible for product development, safety, and expansion in Cobo wallet. Jihang is the creator of China’s first digital wallet purchased by Okcoin. He worked as a platform engineer on Google and Facebook and received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. Jiang invented the “big pipe” protocol, now a widely accepted industry standard protocol.
I don’t know if these statements gave you any ideas? This project has received a full note from me. Cobo wallet is free software, and you won’t lose anything by trying it out. I have listed useful links and social media links for you to learn more about COBO Wallet. I wish you all plenty of earnings.

Written By: N.ipek Celik
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