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Good morning Blockchain believers. For three years I’ve been working for the expansion of blockchain technology worldwide and in my country. I’m a climatologist and a geomorphologist. My main goal is to draw attention to large-scale climate changes on our planet and to establish a foundation to reduce greenhouse gases worldwide. In this case, I will answer the next 2 questions.

1-Why blockchain technology?

Let’s sort out what I need for this project.:
a. A network that spans the globe.
b. The management of the foundation is protected against human errors or abuses in the management of the foundation.
c. Decentralized, unalterable distributed ledger technology for foundation records.
d. The cheapest and most affordable money transfer technology (P2P) for the collection of cross-border donations)
e. A database and data analysis program that can carry out continuous data transfer and data analysis to monitor the extent of environmental problems, pollution limits and greenhouse gases in various countries.
Just these five features show that what I need is a blockchain network.

2 — Why Elrond Network?

Investors and friends in my immediate vicinity ask why I prefer Elrond network among the many brilliant current projects. We know the unlimited possibilities of Blockchain technology on a project-by-project basis. But there are many significant shortcomings and integration issues in existing blockchain networks.

a. Scalability: The biggest problem of Blockchain technology is scaling up. Elrond Network is achieving a revolution in the network architecture it writes from scratch with adaptive state sharding and increased scaling of nodes with SPos. “Blockchain on the Internet scale”: using blockchain with the Elrond network will be just like switching from dial-up networking to broadband technology on the internet.

b. Speed: Finalizing a transaction on the bitcoin is half an hour, six min on the Ethereum. Processing time is only 20 seconds at Elrond.
c. Throughput: 7 transactions per second initially in Bitcoin, 15 in Ethereum, 15,000 transactions in Elrond.

d. Virtual machine and integration: Fully compatible with the Ethereum network, the father of smart contract architecture, Elrond provides integration into many languages with its own virtual machine. Easy-to-use solutions in blockchain programming for the end user have many revolutionary solutions, such as 30% royalties for smart contract writers.

e. I think the highlight of Elrond is the dedication of its core team to blockchain technology. I want to quote Mincu, CEO of Elrond. Mincu says; “ the combined expertise of the Elrond team can be used to make rockets. But they focused on creating a blockchain.” That’s how a high-end technical team is building Elrond. Do you know what’s more important? For this team, presenting Elrond’s mainnet to the world of blockchain is just the beginning. Their main goal is for the Elrond network to serve as network software to blockchain projects of all types. From supply chains, they prepare for DeFi Solutions, mobile games or Internet of Things solutions. Today, the Ethereum network serves hundreds of projects with intelligent contract creation. Elrond will also be the sought-after network of decentralized, internet-scale, energy-protected blockchain projects of all kinds.


From what I’ve written so far, you must have understood that the Elrond network project has nothing to do with speculative, dump/pump coin projects that feed short-term dreams. So if you’re a short-term investor aiming for a profit with the high volatility of crypto money, you’re in the wrong place.

At the Mainnet stage, elrond primarily performed prestaking. Prepares professional validators that will run the node for POS consensus. And it only needs community support from Elrond investors who want to generate passive income with ERD hodl. The Elrond Network does not consist of a narrow core team. In the Elrond ecosystem, there is a community of support from all corners of the world who believe in the project.
For this reason, in the Elrond Network Community, the word “Good Morning” corresponds to one every hour of the day. So the day on the Elrond network never ends. Things never stop!

Written By: N.ipek Celik

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NIpek Celik

NIpek Celik

I am a content writer. I believe that Blockchain technology will play an important role in the future of humanity to live more fair, equal, and free.