Becoming A Member Of Elrond Community:

How did Elrond get my attention, and how did I become a member of the community?

The role of the community in the long term and working more effectively:


  • Some of my friends will be angry with me, but I have to write what I find right for our community. A sense of ownership is a fundamental motivation. So I believe community members should do ERD hodl to get involved in the promotional activity. While this is a symbolic amount, your motivation to work for the ERDs you keep in your wallet will be higher.
  • It may be considered to sell discounted ERD to the community to increase the amount of wallet that has ERD on the network or even to increase the amount of node. (These ERDs can be added as a condition to be locked up to a specific date in order not to be sold.)
  • Community members should be encouraged to HODL award ERD. For example, the amount of hodl can also be added to reward accounts at a specific rate.
  • More frequent engagement of the Elrond core team with the community at events such as the online telegram “but “increases the number of loyal members. If there are rewards for “but “questions, people can be encouraged to read blogs and original question makers. The project details can also be highlighted by opening a short quiz channel where the members of the community are received and with symbolic awards.
  • A dedicated chat channel can be created with an invite to identify active members of the community and educate them about raising awareness.
  • Now I have to write about what should not be done in the future. I gained experience in other social mining activities. Promotional awards must be handed out manually and by team members. Giving upvote rights to members of the community who do Hodl may increase motivation. But the downvote authority should be in the administrators. Risks, such as the use of downvote against specific groups of countries or regions created by community members, can cause unwanted divisions within the Project Community.




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NIpek Celik

NIpek Celik

I am a content writer. I believe that Blockchain technology will play an important role in the future of humanity to live more fair, equal, and free.